Empower women

R’n’D & Threat

‘My work is never going to be a routine job’

For Noushin Shabab, Security Researcher at Kaspersky, diversity means productivity

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‘Women are reclaiming their early influence in IT’

Tatyana Shishkova is proof that a woman who sets her sights on a career in cybersecurity can make it to the top.

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‘A great leader is the one whose absence does not hinder the workflow’

Yuliya Novikova, Head of Digital Footprint Intelligence, talks about her journey in the cybersecurity industry and the peculiarities of being a female leader

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Sales &
Alessandra Venneri
Yuliya Loktyushina
Alaina Huysamen
Ilkem Ozar

‘Always surround yourself with opportunities for growth’

Lavinia Rossi, Head of Global Enterprise Sales, talks about her inspiration for switching careers and her passion for traveling, which contributed to her work experience.

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Superwomen: in cybersecurity and in everyday life

Alessandra Venneri, Head of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs for Italy at Kaspersky, has recently been featured as one of Europe’s top women in cybersecurity in the new #women4cyber book.

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How to create an atmosphere of inspiration and constant support

Yuliya Loktyushina, Web Analytics Group Manager, offers 10 tips for IT team leaders

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We are now seeing more women in leadership roles which is very encouraging

Daniela Álvarez de Lugo General Manager for Kaspersky’s NOLA region, shares her career story and advises on how to stand out as a professional

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Our work is one of the ways to break the bias

For Alaina Huysamen, promoting greater female involvement in IT in South Africa brings its own challenges.

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There are no limits that can hold you back

Ilkem Ozar, General Manager at Kaspersky in Turkey, talks about what it takes to become a general manager and why communication can become the key to building your career.

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