of women working in IT globally

agree that there are now more women in IT and tech roles in their organization than two years ago.



of women

surveyed work in a majority female team, with 48% in a male-dominated environment and 39% in an evenly split workplace.

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It’s all about the people, not their gender
Olga Svistunova
Senior Web Content Analyst at Kaspersky
The world is full of mysteries that I am eager to solve
Maria Isabel Manjarrez Roa
Security Researcher at Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team
Every little step can make a difference in the fight against stigma
Maria Losyukova
ESG & Sustainability Lead
Genie Sugene Gan
Alexandra Potemkina

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Why women should consider cybersecurity to help close the skills gap
Lisa Kilpatrick, General Manager for North America, at Kaspersky, says that, although technical roles such as threat hunters or analysts are at the forefront of cybersecurity, positions in sales, marketing, and many other jobs behind the scenes are necessary for the stability of the industry. If these business functions are left unfilled, it would upset the necessary balance in the industry, as it cannot thrive on highly technical experts alone.
Letters to the Past
Ahead of International Women’s Day, in Kaspersky’s special project “Letters to the Past”, female Kaspersky employees share what advice they would give to their past selves. Find their inspiring stories here, proving nothing can hold you back.
New episode of Kaspersky’s Webby awarded podcast talks about women in gaming
Kaspersky's Fast Forward podcast kicks-off the second season, with the new episode focusing on why gaming development can play a key role in building a diverse community and how women-centering gaming events empower young girls.
Kaspersky GR official appointed IWEF Vice-Chairperson
Genie Gan, Head of Public Affairs in APAC, and META for Kaspersky has been appointed as Vice-Chairperson of the
Finding the right answers on your cybersecurity career path
Our experts share their advice and answers to the most common questions about cybersecurity careers for women on an interactive timeline.
Where are all the women in IT?
The research paints a detailed picture of the gender makeup of IT teams across Europe in 2018.
Women and diversity
Our articles about Women in tech and tech and women.
The evolution of women in IT
Watch Kaspersky and Ada's List event where we talk about how women perceive the industry and the opportunities available to them, as well as challenges due to the ongoing global pandemic.
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