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Noushin Shabab
Genie Sugene Gan
Yuliya Loktyushina
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of women working in IT globally

agree that there are now more women in IT and tech roles in their organization than two years ago.



of women

surveyed work in a majority female team, with 48% in a male-dominated environment and 39% in an evenly split workplace.

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Every little step can make a difference in the fight against stigma
Maria Losyukova
ESG & Sustainability Lead
Genie Sugene Gan
Alexandra Potemkina
Ilkem Ozar
Yuliya Novikova

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  • Ada's List is a global community and professional network striving to create a more inclusive and equal tech industry.

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  • CEFCYS - Cercle des Femmes de la CyberSécurité - promotes jobs, schoolings, trainings and initiatives of the cyber area with an aim to break the stereotypes around the industry.

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  • Women of Suricata is OISF’s initiative that offers a welcoming and inviting space for women (& other underrepresented groups) developers across the cyber and information security field to come and learn Suricata and to join our open-source community.

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  • Advisory is a fully youth-led pro bono nonprofit dedicated to empowering young Singaporeans from all walks of life to make informed career and further education choices.

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