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career in cybersecurity

Choosing a new career path or looking for further professional development? There are several things you may want to consider when making a career choice. We've selected some of the most common questions* from women in cybersecurity and asked our experts to answer them.

*Based on users' posts in the Women in Cybersecurity Facebook community, supported by Kaspersky (with more than 11k participants)


Unfortunately, girls still face stereotypes about their tech capabilities from an early age. With a lack of suitable role models and prevalent gender biases throughout their education, they are far less likely than their male counterparts to consider a career in IT.
Beating bias

Сareer choice

Eventually the time comes for women to decide between a tech or non-tech career path.
Basics of cybersecurity
Switching careers
Educational IT resources


While making the decision to pursue a career in cybersecurity is the first step, there are many more questions female professionals face, both when they are just starting their careers and as they look to develop their careers further.
Becoming a team leader
Creating outstanding CV

Changing careers within IT

If you choose a career in the IT field (e.g. helpdesk) and you want to switch to cybersecurity you may have these questions.
Inspiration to start

A new career after 40

If you’re interested in retraining for a career in IT or cybersecurity, follow your ambitions and forget the stereotypes. There are no age limits for career exploration and fulfillment.
Trusting yourself
Setting aside the stereotypes
Making reputation work for you
Investing in self-improvement