For women breaking myths in the tech industry

Andrea Fernández,
General Manager, SOLA Region at Kaspersky

Andrea Fernández, General Manager, SOLA Region at Kaspersky

There are many myths about the workforce of the technology sector, and perhaps the most important one is that the industry remains a territory reserved for men.

Fortunately, many companies have understood that diversity and inclusion are so much more than ethical issues, and today they are two essential factors of business efficiency. This results in more women holding managerial and executive positions, which contributes to our skills and abilities in this relevant industry.


of women
surveyed claimed that their skills and experience were more important than their gender when applying for their first position in the industry.

This is a great step forward that was conquered in a brief amount of time and that was documented in a study conducted by Kaspersky through a survey carried out among women in the tech industry around the world. The study shows that more than half (65 %) of Latin American women who work in the technology sector witnessed that, when it comes to gender equality, the playing field has leveled in their organizations in the last few years.

One of the positive signs mentioned in the surveys is that 76 % of Latin American women stated that, from their own experience, gender hadn't been a relevant aspect of advancement in the industry since progress relies on abilities.

Another important point is that 71 % of women answered that they are sure that their opinions have been respected since their first day in the industry. Furthermore, 53 % said that the number of women in managerial positions has increased in their organizations in the last few years.

While these steps forward are undeniable, we must admit that more female presence is still missing in a sector that also has a major shortage of specialists. It's time to summon future generations to take on these positions and break another myth that haunts the industry: that careers in the Tech industry only involve the so-called hard skills.

This is far from the truth. We can't disregard the soft skills, which are essential to this industry: analytical, communication, and critical thinking skills, which are actually more difficult to acquire than technical skills. Regarding careers, there are many job opportunities in the sector that may not be so obvious, such as product management, project management, technical support, training, communication (including journalism), marketing, law, etc. There isn't only one way to achieve a profession in technology and/or cybersecurity.


We, women that are currently a part of this industry, have the mission to foster interest in pursuing a career in the sector among the new generations. One way to achieve this is to promote to young girls and teenagers the positive impact that technology and, more specifically, cybersecurity have in society. Besides, we must highlight that diversity, along with the contribution of different perspectives about a subject, is key to any industry, particularly one that is constantly evolving, such as tech. Our present and our future depend on it.